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Latest 150 CD-ROM Arrivals

Legend? Updated: 01/14/2002 9:00 pm

1. Atlantis: Search for the Journal
deleted scene ... Commentary ... Action adventure set top game 3DO
2. NCAA Final Four 2001
made by the pros. played by the pros. 3DO
3. Settlers 3: Ultimate Collection
Original Settlers 3, Settlers 3 Mission Disc, Quest of the Amazons 1 book 3DO
4. Diablo 2
Evil has Survived. An Epic Game of Role Playing Action and Adventure 1 Book 3DO
5. 1602 AD
Discover, Build and Rule Your Own New World (1 book) 3DO
6. Stephen Kings F13
Ctrl, Alt, Shiver ... Virtual Horror for your Computer 3DO
7. Hornet Attack!
Interactive Flight & combat simulator on PC/DVD 3DO
8. My First Amazing Science Explorer
Answers to the tricky questions every child asks. Ages 5-9 3DO
9. My First Amazing Diary
Builds writing skills while encouraging self-expression. Ages 5-8 3DO
10. NFL GameDay 2000
11. Lander
Master flying the lander space craft in the year 3032. 3DO
12. NCAA GameBreaker 2000
114 Division 1-A teams. Play by play analysis by Keith Jackson. Play Books. 3DO
13. Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phanton Menace
Live the Saga as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala or Captain Panaka 3DO
14. Star Wars Eposode 1: Racer
Feel the force 600 MPH 4 feet off the ground. 21 tracks on 8 unique worlds 3DO
15. Total Annihilation: Kingdons
Four unique civilizations with archers, undead foot soldiers and wizards 3DO
16. Superman: The new Aventures
You are Superman: fight, heat vision, freezing breath, super strength. 3DO
17. NFL Xtreme 2
Big Hits, Trick Plays, 350 wild animations and quick gameplay. 3DO
18. Evil Zone
Thasurca needs to be destroyed but first you must beat 8 other warriors ... 3DO
19. Star Wars: Episode 1: Insiders Guide
An exclusive look at the sties, sounds & characters fro Star Wars: Episode 1. 3DO
20. Extreme Rodeo
20 riders at 6 authentic rodeo events. 35 different animals 3DO
21. Extreme WinterSports
25 different tricks, Unique tracks for up to 4 players. 3D Graphics 3DO
22. Extreme Boards & Blades
20 different characters, 15 arenas, 3D enhanced. Perform tricks or competion. 3DO
23. Bottom of the 9th
Over 750 real players. 1998 rosters, six different play modes 3DO
24. Map 'N' Go
Plan the perfect vacation. 3DO
25. 3Xtreme
Race on 70 BMK bikes, skateboards and in-line scates with 13 racers on 27 tracks 3DO
26. Mlb 2000
Incredible 3D player models, 175 personal batting stances and more!! 3DO
27. Kai's Photo Soap
Correct, Change and Create. Clean up your Image. 3DO
28. KidSpeak
Spanish French Italian German Japanese Indonesian Korean Hebrew Chinese Portugue 3DO
29. Extreme Bullrider
20 different riders, 10 bulls with varying difficulty, 6 unique arenas 3DO
30. Harvester
A nice little place where the fields & the people are carved into nice shapes!!! 3DO
31. Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time
Immerse yourself in 7 smoothly-animated photo-realistic worlds!!! 3DO
32. Syphon Filter
Destroy the bio-warfare Syphon Filter Virus 3DO
33. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
New Missions in real world locations 3DO
34. Sim City 3000
More power than ever. The ultimate Urban Experience. 3DO
35. Nightmare Creatures
Explore the horrors of London and confront 21 Hideous Creatures. 3DO
36. Extreme Pinball
Electronic pinball 3DO
37. D.W. The Picky Eater
5 fun learning activities. 3DO
38. NCAA Final Four 99
College style gameplay, NCAA Authenticity 3DO
39. NBA Live '97
3-D textures-mapped players capture every detail for Ehibition of a full season. 3DO
40. Extreme Tennis
5 match options, 4 court surfaces, multiple venues and multi player 3DO
41. Pinky and the Brain: World Conquest
3-D Arcade Game. Arcade style. 3DO
42. Frankenstein
Through the eyes of the monster: Starring Tim Curry: 3DO
43. Mega Man X
44. Global Domination
Total global conflict with 20 different missions. 3DO
45. Myth: the Fallen Lords
Ages 17+. 3D ancient war in this award winning game. 3DO
46. Inside the GRE, GMAT, & LSAT
Get the score you want for the school you want. 3DO
47. Bust a Groove
Experience pure dancing action with motion captured dancers. 3DO
48. Populous: the Beginning
Ages 13+. A 3-D strategy game of biblical proportions. 3DO
49. Big Game Hunter II
Plenty of weapons, species, ammunition, and special effects to hunt for hours. 3DO
50. Twisted Metal III
Ages 13+. 14 vehicles and 10 new tracks helps make this the best one yet. 3DO
51. Rally Cross 2
Extreme off-road racing with a track editor and customizable cars. 3DO
52. NCAA GameBreaker 99
College football from the award winning makers of NFL GameDay. 3DO
53. Redjack: Revenge of the Brethren
Ages 13+. Get ready for some old fashioned pirate action. 3DO
54. Grim Fandango
Ages 13+. An epic tale of crime and corruption in the land of the dead. 3DO
55. Home Tweet Home
An interactive coloring book. 3DO
56. Quake Mission Packs
Expand Quake with new weapons and new levels. 3DO
57. Cool Boarders 3
34 new dynamic 3d courses 3DO
58. Reader Rabbit's: Math: Pirate Island
Ages 6-9: Sam the lion and reader rabbit are shipwrecked 3DO
59. Madeline: Rainy Day Activities
Over 100 creative learning activities. Ages 5 and up 3DO
60. Madeline: 1st and 2nd Grade reading
Over 45 Comprehensive activities, plus French @ Spanish 3DO
61. Baby Sitters Club: 4th Grade
Math, Word Problems, Science, History, Geography, Logic, Problem Solving 3DO
62. Clue Finders: Math Ages 9-12
Where have all the treaures gone. Fractions Problem Solving Fractions etc. 3DO
63. Barrage
Rocket full throttle in a high-tech hovercraft. 3-D Accelerator Card Required 3DO
64. Extreme Paintball
Select from 8 original markers & 5 unique battlefields,play alone or w/ a friend 3DO
65. JunkLand Jam
A musical adventure where learning's never a waste of time. 3DO
66. Robot Club
Build, program, and duel robots in 31 challenging missions. 3DO
67. Fantasy Collection
A collection of classic fantasy games in one package. 3DO
68. Links LS: 1999 Edition
Experience the newest version of the best selling golf game. 3DO
69. Duck Hunter Pro
Hunt over 10 species of waterfowl 3DO
70. Running Wild
Join the stampede, from the producers of CRASH BANDICOOT 3DO
71. VR Baseball
The next generation in Baseball with unbeatable realism!!! 3DO
72. Independence War
The new banchmark in space sims 3DO
73. Hexplore
Immerse yourself into the Medieval World of Garkham's evil!!! 3DO
74. Comedy Collection
75. Star Wars Screen Entertainment
The best Star Wars screensavers out there!!! 3DO
76. LucasArts Super Sampler
77. Panic in the Park
Solve the mystery or the park is history! 3DO
78. Pinball World
The largest pinball game ever created!!! 3DO
79. 3-D Ultra Pinball
Play outside the limits of regular pinball. The fastest pinball in space!!! 3DO
80. Ultimate Pinball
Choose from 6 different tables!!! 3DO
81. Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair is back & better than ever on CD-ROM!!! 3DO
82. Solitaire Twin Pack
If you like Soltitaire you'll love these: Pyramid Solitaire & Golf Solitaire 3DO
83. Media Clips: Tropical Rainforest
100 photo images, 25 action videos, 100 native audio clips. 3DO
84. Image Warehouse
Royalty free clip art, backgrounds, textures and graphics. 3DO
85. Underground 2.3
All Ages!. 3DO
86. Underground Jampack
8 playable demos! Rated from All Ages to Mature. 3DO
87. Sentinel Returns
All Ages! You know you're being watched! 3DO
88. NHL Faceoff '99
All ages! Revolutionary authentic hockey intelligence. 3DO
89. Travel the World With Timmy!
Ages 4-7. Explore lands & languages while building school skills. One book. 3DO
90. Learn to Speak Spanish 7.0
The complete interactive learing solution Includes 2 books and audio tape. 3DO
91. Amazon Trail: 3rd Edition
Your survival depends on the many decisions you will make. 3DO
92. Blue's Birthday Adventure
Enhances early learning and problem-solving skills. 3DO
93. Blue's ABC Time Activities
Strengthens early learning language skills. 3DO
94. American Girls Premiere
Create and produce your own plays. 3DO
95. Heart of Darkness
Rescue your dog Whisky in this incredibly detailed adventure. 3DO
96. WarGames
Ages 13+. Experience intense war in beautiful 3D environments. 3DO
97. Spyro the Dragon
Help a little flame-spouting dragon explore a gigantic fantasy adventure. 3DO
98. Private Geographic
Enjoy a wild sex journey around the world. 3DO
99. Private Hard Core Gallery 6
Private has compiled the very best for the latest entry in the Hard Core Gallery 3DO
**. Private Sex Files: Exotic Dreams
Enjoy sex in beautiful and exotic locations. 3DO
**. Private Casting X
Play the role of a film producer and pick only the very best. 3DO
**. XXX Interactive 2
The search for the ultimate sexual experience is over! 3DO
**. Private: Pick & Peep
Enjoy hundreds of full frame, high-quality images. 3DO
**. Private: Snapshots 2
More high resolution photos and digital video. 3DO
**. Cardinal Syn
Ages 17+. Only one warrior will survive in this bloody battle-to-the-death. 3DO
**. NFL Gameday '99
Feel the contact w/ the Dual Shock Controllers.All the teams, players & Stadiums 3DO
**. X-COM Interceptor
Wreak destruction in a combination of combat action & strategy by hiring pilots 3DO
**. Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics
News maps, new missions and new scenarios for Total Annihilation. 3DO
**. Tomba!
Join Tomba in this wild action game with some role playing and adventure too. 3DO
**. Internet Board Games
Play 13 classic board games from around the world over the internet. 3DO
**. Hot Shots Golf
All the classic modes plus 7 ways to bet. Includes 6 courses, 10 characters. 3DO
**. Ace Combat 2
3D Jet Fighter Action with superior ememy intelligence 3DO
**. Earthworm Jim 2
All Ages. Two times the action and the adventure of the original crazy hit game. 3DO
**. Dinosaur Explorers
Countless hours of ferocious fun filled activities 3DO
**. 3DO Decathlon
All ten track and field decathlon events, up to 8 players on Network play 3DO
**. Dragon Heart: Fire & Steel
The Medieval dark ages just got darker 3DO
**. Blood & Magic
Five Forgotten realms of conquest and enchantment 3DO
**. Undersea Adventure
**. Starwars Chess
**. 3-D Body Adventure
Incredible 3-Dimensional journey into the amazing inner workings of the Body 3DO
**. Religions of the World
Scriptures, artefacts, festivals, communities and places of worship 3DO
**. World of Wine
Hundreds of facts, descriptions and definitions 3DO
**. American Presidents: The Cold War
**. Wanna-Be a Dino Finder
Ages 6-10: Learning adventure - dig into math and science. 3DO
**. Rocket Jockey
Teen (13+). A fast-paced 3D battle game which can network up to 6 people! 3DO
**. GeoSafari: Animals Game
Ages 8+. 15 dazzling games with animals. 3DO
**. Someone's in the Kitchen!
Ages 4-7. A musical activity center. 3DO
**. Chronicle of the 20th Century
Interactive guide to every day of the century. 3DO
**. Tom Clancy: SSN
3D submarine combat from the techno-thriller master. 3DO
**. You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2
800 all new questions + celebrity appearances. 3DO
**. Babylon 5: Entertainment Utility
Bring the last of the great Babylon stations to your desktop! 3DO
**. D
Ages 13+. 2 cd's. Enter the dark pit of your soul. 3DO
**. Galactic Attack
Ages 6+. Warp into battle in the far reaches of the solar system. 3DO
**. Alien Trilogy
Mature (17+). Eliminate all xenomorphs! 3DO
**. Death Drome
Play or die. 3DO
**. Art of Fly Fishing, The
Incredibly real and challenging simulation. 3DO
**. Surface Tension
As an ace pilot, you must save the earth from a deadly plague. 3DO
**. Lords of Tantrazz, The
Join super-agent Veronica on a deadly mission. 3DO
**. James Bond: Interactive Dossier
2 CDs. Ages 13+. Packed with video, audio, stills, and articles. 3DO
**. Starfighter
All ages. More than a battleground, it's a mind field. 3DO
**. Calendar Creator 4.0
Create custom calendars. 3DO
**. Battles of the World
Interactive history of war. 3DO
**. Blackthorne
Ages 13+. Action packed game of shotguns, revenge & hidden passages. 3DO
**. Quake
3D Furious Fighting Game From the Makers of "Doom" 3DO
**. Baku Baku
All ages. The ultimate puzzle game in a wacky world of animals 3DO
**. Eyewitness Encycloedia of Space
Ultimate interactive guide to space 3DO
**. TJ'S Reel Extreme CD-ROM
Help Travis Jett edit his dorky bloopers! All Ages 3DO
**. Myths and Legends: Monsters & Mythical
The Yeti, Minotaur, Golem and more. 3DO
**. Descent
Sensory overload in 360 degrees in this 3D action game. 3DO
**. Descent II
360 degree arcade action, with 30 levels of play. 3DO

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